Monday, May 25, 2009

Pacquiao KO's Hatton in 2 18"x24" Oil on Canvas

What a dominating win for Pacman. Hatton never knew what hit
him. This painting will be listed on ebay in the near future.


  1. Where I can buy your Pacquiao's painting? Are there some more?

  2. This is not an oil painting. This is an image from my HDTV on the night of the actual fight, I can still feel the electricity as Pacquiao landed the left that put an exclamation point on his already legacy filled career.

    Great job on this, an amazing painting as are your other pieces of work as well.

    I would love to see your work here in London, I've enjoyed looking at your other works. I would love to see an oil painting featuring Pancho Villa, Flash Elorde, Ceferino Garcia, Small Montana, Little Dado, Ben Villaflor, Dodie Boy Penalosa. I'm a Filipino Boxing Fan =P

  3. wow nice really capture the intensity of the fight that will alawys remember forever the night hatton fought manny... my respect to you!

  4. Hi,

    I absolutely love the Pacquiao/Hatton painting. I was actually at the fight. Do you sell prints of this at all?

  5. wow!!!great painting..i draw the image of manny in my notebook.when the time i was bored in my class.hehehe.i want to see this in father is a painter.that's why i salute you,sir..

    god bless and take care of your hands. :-)

    from:joey gerald coquilla.mindanao,philippines

  6. I like it... its on my desk top background right now! Thanks for sharing, i will put it on my blog if you don't mind...
    Pinoy here!!

  7. Please people...if you want to buy my art, just send me a email.

    Thanks to all for appreciating my artwork!

  8. I desperately want to buy this painting. Your talent is beyond me. Amazing! Im going to email you right now